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Independent Consultant for NYR Organic

Whether you’re thinking of a new logo or website, a set of business cards, a dynamic poster campaign, a custom piece of digital artwork or a complete re-brand of your company, fresh and juicy can take care of it.


Hello, I’m Ellie and I am a natural psychic,
inheriting my gift from my Mother and
Grandmother. I have been seeing and
hearing spirit throughout my life

I believe that the spirit world comes to
us to help us through difficult times in
our lives. Spirits and Angels want us
to be happy and their work is to
guide us through our journey in life


I use the tarot as a tool to establish the root of your problems and help you to find understanding and direction in changing it for the future.

I can provide a general overview of your life and your future or look at specific questions for you.

Psychometry is the art of reading an objects vibrations and providing information regarding it and its owners. In doing so it helps me to link with the person I am reading for.

By touching or holding an item which belongs to you, I can make a link with your personal guides who are there to protect and comfort you.

Dream Analysis
We all dream! Our dreams are a way that spirit communicates with us, giving us guidance and answers to our questions.

By describing your dreams, I can translate what they are trying to say to you.

Fairy Readings
Fairies are all around us, helping and protecting our planet and all that lies upon. They are intelligent creatures who connect with Mother Nature and enjoy helping and guiding us.

I use Fairy Cards in order to access their energies and use their advice to help you move forward in your own life.

• Counselling & Psychotherapy
• Rune Readings
• Reiki
• Candle Magic
• White Magic & Spellcrafting

I am also available for workshops and talks on topics related to therapy or spiritual matters.


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